How to Find the Right Golf Instructor

Ever wondered how to find the right golf instructor? At least you have found the right article! I’m going to teach you how to find your golf teacher, including tips at every step. There are more important steps you have to think about than you might have thought in the first place. I have also selected the top 5 best golf teachers in America.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a budget or not, because there are many possibilities finding the right golf instructor.

Table of Contents

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Rates for Lessons

Golf Instructors can be very expensive. If you look at our top 5 golf teachers in America beneath this piece of content you can see that the average amount is $400-600 per hour! You can do whatever you want, but if you’re on a budget, search for lower amount golf instructors. You can also search for a teacher that has group lessons, this is less expensive.

Low cost golf instructors are not necessarily worse than expensive ones. Don’t waste your time searching for an expensive teacher if you’re on a budget.

The best value golf teacher is the one that has a lot of experience, offers discounts on lessons and maybe has lesson packages. He or she probably doesn’t even work at an expensive golf course.

Now you know that big-name instructors cost big money, but if you’re on a budget it’s also time wasting to look for. If money isn’t the problem you can check our top 5 golf teachers in America beneath this piece of content.

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2. Golf Teacher Key Points

When you’ve decided which price area the teacher should be in, you can focus on the key points of a golf instructor. Each teacher is specialized in a certain aspect of golf, so firstly look if that aspect of the sport is what you need to learn. We’ll give five key points that are important to think about when getting yourself a teacher.

Location and time: If you don’t want to drive two hours to arrive at your lessons, it’s not a good idea to find an instructor that is two hours away. Search within the travel time you prefer and what fits your schedule.

Compatibility: It’s really important to have a personal relationship with your teacher. This works a lot better than don’t having a connection with the teacher at all. When you want to find a golf instructor that pushes you or takes your hand in everything you need to learn, then find that teacher.

Communication: Maybe you are a busy person or someone who has retired. It does matter in the way of communication. If you’re really busy you may prefer the teacher to text you or send video tips when you’re not allowed to train for a week because of work. If you’re retired you may have more time so you may prefer emails. Decide for yourself which way of communication you prefer.

Technology: There is much technology nowadays with a lot of opportunities. Like said before, you can use a video method that the golf instructor gives you feedback on. There are also things like sensors that can follow your movements etc. and provide data. With this data you and your golf teacher can walk through the results. Find your preferences for the use of technology, and of course you can do it the old school way either.

Philosophy: This key point belongs to compatibility, but it’s very important so we want to highlight it. Everyone has a vision of how the game works and has to be. Golf instructors also have their own visions about the game and techniques. Find the teacher you share your vision with, but keep an open mind for other visions to possibly learn more.

3. PGA or LPGA Registered

This step is very simple and short. Don’t listen to everyone’s advice. Every golf player is different, from swing to vision of the game. If you are searching for a pro golf teacher, you want to have a golf instructor that is PGA or LPGA registered. This is because they know how to handle all kinds of players and what’s the best for you. 

There may be a lot of good golf players around you, but finding the right instructor is something else. You really want to have a teacher that is certified by the PGA or LPGA. These people go into years of training and education!

4. Ask Around & Search for a Golf Instructor

If you have finished the previous steps, you have considered the type of teacher you will need. Now we’re going to find one or more golf teachers that fits your needs. A lot of golf players around you would have tried lessons from PGA/LPGA pros. Ask them some questions to gain some insight about different instructors like the pros and cons.

You can also search for a golf instructor on the internet, social media and the PGA/LPGA teacher database. But keep in mind that the right golf instructor is the one that fits your needs and preferences from step 1, 2 and 3. The overall point is that you ask and search around anywhere to gather as much as potential teachers.

5. Trial Lessons

If you have done the previous step, then you have one or more potential golf instructors you are interested in. Ask if you can do a (30 minute) trial lesson with them. With this option you can see their style of teaching and it saves you some money. Tell the teachers about your vision on the game and golf instructors. Do they communicate respectfully and clearly? Can they explain multiple swing points that you have to improve? These are important points that a good teacher has to fulfill.

After the trail lessons, ask the instructors what they think about you and the way you play. Ask them if they teach you the things you want to learn. Let them explain their style, but if they don’t want to, I wouldn’t take lessons from them. You pay = you decide, so if they don’t give you the service you expect, then you better search for someone else.

Is there a good connection between you and the golf instructor and does he or she meet your requirements? Then I’ll recommend you to stick with him or her.

6. Prioritize the Golf Teachers

This step can be hard. For example: you’ve found a teacher that you like and where you’ll learn a lot, but he or she is too far away and too expensive for you. Then you might compare the golf instructor that costs less and is near you, but is not as good as the other teacher. You have to prioritize the instructors.

Prioritize them by your preferences. Do this by looking at the previous steps (1, 2 & 3)  that you’ve filled in for yourself. You want to prioritize the instructor by: rates for lessons, compilability, communication methods and vision of the game etc. The golf teacher that fits at the most key points is the right golf instructor to go with!

7. Pick your Golf Instructor!

The last and final step, pick your teacher. If you’ve prioritized the golf instructors, then you only have to pick one of them. Don’t be that type of person that goes back and forth in these steps multiple times. Every golf teacher differs from the rest, so I’ll recommend you to just choose one golf instructor. This prevents a lot of confusion for you and your teachers while learning something.

Top 5 Best Golf Instructors in America

I’ve selected the top five best golf instructors in America. You can get lessons from them, but it’s expensive. If money doesn’t bother you, then it’s a great experience to get a lesson with one of these pro golf instructors.

1. Mike Bender
Lesson rate: $300/hour
Facility: Mike Bender Golf Academy at Magnolia Plantation, Lake Mary, Florida.

2. Mike Adams
Lesson rate: $350/hour
Facility: Fiddler’s Elbow C.C, Bedminster Twp, New Jersey.

3. Chuck Cook
Lesson rate: $350/hour
Facility: University of Texas G.C. in Austin, Texas.

4. David Leadbetter
Lesson rate: $750/hour
Facility: David Leadbetter Golf Academy at Champions Gate, Orlando.

5. Butch Harmon
Lesson rate: $1,500/hour
Facility: Butch Harmon School of Golf (Rio Secco G.C.), Henderson, Nevada.


I hope you’ll find your golf instructor with the steps I gave you. Finding someone that can teach you  is not hard, but finding the right person can be difficult. You want to have preferences and requirements for the right golf teacher, then ask around & search and finally decide who fits best in your opinion. I also gave you the five best golf instructors in America if money isn’t your problem or you just want to have a unique experience. Good luck!


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