Musts for a Great Golf Etiquette

Did you know that Minguel Angel Jiminez and Keegan Bradley had a very heated discussion at the 2015 WGC-Cadillac Match Play? Things like that are bad for your golf etiquette. I want you to have a great etiquette. This article: “8 Musts for a Great Golf Etiquette” that I made, will help you. This article is divided into eight musts and every must contains some information. First, if you want, watch the “7 Biggest Etiquette Mistakes” video below:

Table of Contents

1. Safety First

Let’s be honest. Safety is the number one priority in every sport, even in martial arts there are certain safety protocols. To have a great etiquette, you really need to be a safe and reliable player. The safety for the players is important on the golf course.

Club Safety

That there is something that makes you frustrated or angry while you’re playing golf can happen, but it’s better to not express negative emotions on the course. Never throw your club in anger. Throwing golf equipment or anything else when on the course is rude and dangerous. We all can get frustrated and that’s not the problem, but make sure you don’t express your negativeness, and don’t throw your club. Really important rule for a great golf etiquette.

Golf Ball Safety

When you are playing golf with a group, it’s a good idea to not hit your golf ball when the group is too close. Wait a moment or ask them to make way for your shot. If your ball is heading to other players yell “Fore!”.

Swing Safety

Like said before: wait before other players are at a safe distance. When you are swinging your club, you don’t want to swing at somebody’s teeth. Be aware of your surroundings all the time. Do not swing your club in the direction of other players, because if the club slips out of your hand while you are swinging, you may have a big problem.

2. Maintain the Pace of Play on the Golf Course

Keep in mind that maintaining a pace of play is important for your golf etiquette. You don’t like to wait long and often right? Other players don’t want that either. If your ball is lost, make sure you won’t search it for longer than five minutes. Also don’t go too fast and leave your group behind.

Take a few clubs with you if you’re with a golf cart, otherwise it can be very frustrating. If you and everyone finished the hole, leave the putting green. In friendly matches your group can play “ready golf”, if someone is ready in “ready golf”, he or she can hit when ready until the putting green.

3. Care About the Course

For having a great etiquette this must is also very important. Be nice for the course you golf on. Keep your golf cart away from areas that are vulnerable, like the green and the hazards. Follow the so-called “cart path only” with your cart when you see the “cart path only” signs. 

Repair everything like divots and ball marks on the fairway and the green. Erase footprints or damage in the bunker with a rake. Keep it nice and clean when taking practice swings, don’t hit the course.

So replace divots, rake the bunker and keep it clean with the course, especially the vulnerable areas. Be nice for your course and when doing this your golf etiquette will be much better.

4. Professional Attitude

Having a professional attitude is so important. Always be on time for training or match appointments, take it seriously. Having a golf day in your weekly schedule is maybe the best way to go if you are a more serious and professional player.

Keep your focus on the game and don’t try to get distracted. You may get distracted by things such as your cell phone, other people that are talking and frustration. Keeping your focus means: ignore people or negative emotions as hard as you can and especially turning off your cell phone is always a good idea.

It’s always nice to get compliments when you play good. You can give compliments to other players too. Be nice and stay professional. When you are doing this, the game is more fun with a group. At least, don’t be rude or childish to the group in front of you, it has negative effects on your etiquette.

5. Look Your Best

The appearance you need for golf is decent. The big names in the history of golf would never enter the tee box area with an inappropriate appearance. The way you dress and how you act to other people says much about you as a person. 

You’d rather present yourself as a businessman or something else that isn’t inappropriate but decent and luxe. Most important, be yourself and be professional like said before in this article.

6. Golf Cart

Golf carts are used by most courses. Better don’t ruin the golf course with a cart. Things like traces are not ideal, because traces are damage to the golf course. Drive in a single file and don’t leave a trace. Avoid the grass as much as possible and if there are pathways for carts, use them. This is an important etiquette must, because it has an bad influence on your golf course etiquette.

7. Focus on the Game and the Rules of Golf

Focus is the key, like said many times. You don’t want to be in the vision of a player that is taking a shot, especially when he or she doesn’t see you, believe me. Stay out of the way when other players are taking shots. Remind other people to stay out of your vision too, otherwise yell “Fore!” when you are too late.

On the green you also have to stay out of everyone’s line. Players that are playing golf need a clear line one the green. So know where you have to stand and where not to stand. When someone needs focus I recommend you to keep your voice down or be quiet.

It’s important to know the rules of golf for a great golf etiquette, but luckily for you, we have written an article about the golf rules you should know.

8. The Little Things

There are a lot of things that you can do to get a great etiquette. But most things are just little things like repairing something or staying nice to people while you’re frustrated. Help, act or do something to improve your etiquette whenever it’s possible. If you are doing a lot of the little things that can improve your etiquette, you are good to go.

Do’s & Don’ts

Do: Really simple, just respect every rule when you are playing golf. And be respectful towards playing partners.
Repair and replace everything that is needed to be. (marks, divots etc.)
Do: Focus on the game, pay attention to other players.
Do: Maintain a good pace.
Do: Let the furthest player hit first.

Don’t: Walk in visions and lines of other players.
Don’t: Hit the ball when people are in your vision.
Don’t: Talk if someone is taking a shot or practice swings.
Don’t: Keep other players waiting all the time.
Don’t: Talk with the opponent about his equipment.

General Golf Etiquette Hints

Talking: Sure, talking isn’t bad, but if someone is taking a shot it is. So know when and where you can talk. If you are walking on the course, walking on the fairway, riding the golf cart etc. you can speak if you want. I recommend you to just be calm and professional.

Walking: With some shoes you have to be careful in certain areas. Shoes with steel spikes can damage the ground, so be careful. Know where to walk and how to walk wherever you are. Don’t run with steel spike shoes on the course at all.

Clothes: In my guide: “How to Play Golf: The Beginner Guide” I’ve written some content about which clothes to use and which are decent and professional to wear. Your clothes need to be practical and suitable for playing golf. If they are not, I wish you luck.

Shadow: When you are on the green, mind you shadow. Like said before, don’t be in someone’s line on the green. Your shadow also belongs to you, so keep in mind that you are not in the opponent’s line at all.

Yelling: On the fields you don’t want to be the type that is yelling all the time. It can be a confusion for people that are used to get yelled at when a ball is heading their way. When this happens we yell: “Fore!”.

Swinging: Don’t lose your club while you are swinging. Make sure other players in your surroundings are in safety when you hit the ball.

Flagstick and the green: Learn how to tend the flagstick when you are on the green. Make sure you don’t cross people in their lines when you are on the green.


Thank you for reading my article! I’ll hope you become a better and better player every time you read my guides. Keep focus, mind your own game, be professional and you’re good to go with your etiquette. Keep the eight musts in mind and you’ll be fine. Good luck with having a proper etiquette!


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