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Hello there! My name is William Newhouser. I’m a senior golf player with over 40 years of golf experience. In those years I have gathered a lot of information and facts about golf equipment, rules, training, gadgets, courses and more. I’m a person who likes to share knowledge and that’s why I’ve set this site up. My grandson is helping me with this site because of his IT knowledge and he also knows quite a few things about the golf industry. Together we form a great duo!

Be free to find all your information you need on this site and if there are questions be free to use our contact form. We’ll keep in touch.

The Backstory of this site

Like I said, I have been playing golf over 40 years now, and golf really keeps me interested, litterly every part of it. From the technical club stuff up to the best courses on the planet. But that probably wont surprise you, as a fellow golf fanatic, reading our story. I started playing golf around the age of 25 and I’ve never quit. Golf really is fascinating and I think many people can and will learn from me and my experience. When my grandson was at a young age I took him to the golf course next to the village where I live multiple times. He always has been interested in golf. He always asked how it went on the golf course, what my scores were and which equipment I used. Nowadays my grandson does an IT education and he told me he would set up a site for me, so I can inform people about my passion.

The main reason for this website is the fact that there is a lot to learn about golf what I can teach you. When I started playing golf I really didn’t knew which club of each category was the best for me, or which ball or bag were great to use. Also the outfit can be really important and I didn’t knew exactly what good items were to wear. You can also train yourself or use gadgets. There is a lot of information about golf available and I have selected the most important things for you in my guides and blog.

We wish you a very pleasant time on our website and take a look at each categorie!

My Mission on this Site is to Help You Become a More Professional & Dedicated Golf Player

How I Create Content

All the content you can find on this website is planned, written and edited by me, and my grandson puts all the content in a good way on the website. We ensure all of our content meets the highest quality standards. We tend to use freelance writers to help putting our articles together, but only with my agreement we put the articles online, I am and always will be the chief editor. The articles with all the information that we publish are accurate and you can trust them to make purchase descisions if there are purchase options.

We will get our hands on the items mentioned on this website to get real-life experience with them, but it is not always possible to buy each item out there. If we can’t get our hands on an item, then we rely on extensive online customer feedback and feedback from retailers.

I spend a lot of time expanding my network. A lot of friends, staff at local golf shops and people I know help me understanding subjects in the golf world so I can give some great options for you to purchase or to know.

The conclusion is that this website is a trustful place to gather information and make choises yourself!

What's in it for You?

The main question for you is: Should I read content on Golfers Spot? My answer is yes if you can resonate with the following statements.
You want to:

  • Dramatically improve your golf experience in a responsible way.
  • Feel good when driving home from the golf course.
  • Have equipment advice based on real customer experience and honest shop staff opinions and not commercial sales pages.
  • Have guides, tips and tricks based on facts and honest opinions.
If you can resonate with this then you will enjoy the articles you read and I look forward to see you so. You can start reading guides by clicking right here!